King's South Africa Medal

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The King's South Africa Medal stands as a testament to the valour and service of British and colonial forces in the latter stages of the Second Boer War. Instituted in 1901, this medal was conferred upon military personnel who continued to serve in South Africa until the end of the war in May 1902.

To be eligible for the King's South Africa Medal, recipients must have:

  • Served with the British or colonial military forces, or as a civilian attached to such forces, beyond January 1, 1902, when King Edward VII was the reigning monarch.
  • Remained in service or in a theatre of war in South Africa until at least May 31, 1902, when the conflict concluded.
  • Been present in one or more of the specific actions or campaigns recognised for the awarding of clasps to the medal, similar to the earlier Queen's South Africa Medal.

The King's South Africa Medal is easily distinguishable due to its unique characteristics. The obverse showcases the crowned profile of King Edward VII, and it is inscribed with the words 'EDWARDVS VII REX IMPERATOR'. The reverse side of the medal illustrates Britannia holding the Union Flag, with two soldiers standing guard. The inscription 'SOUTH AFRICA' is embossed on the reverse, echoing its counterpart's design. The medal is made from silver, adding to its prestige and signifying the importance of the recognition it represents.