MEDALS Frequently Asked Questions

What are medals awarded for?

What are medals awarded for?

Medals acknowledge both combat and non-combat achievements. They commend specific actions such as acts of gallantry, recognize service in particular campaigns, or celebrate service duration, like those for prolonged commitment.

What is the piece of fabric attached the medal?

The medal typically consists of two components: the actual medal and its accompanying ribbon. The latter is often vividly coloured, with each hue potentially symbolizing a unique meaning. Each medal comes with its own uniquely designed ribbon.

How do I know order my medals go in?

Medals follow a specific sequence known as the order of wear. The highest-ranking medals are displayed first. Determining this precise sequence can be complex. Our medal mounting experts are well-versed in these details.

How can I attach medals to each other to wear or display?

How can I attach medals to each other to wear or display?

For wearing multiple medals, it's best to have them mounted together. Mounting not only organizes them correctly but also showcases them appropriately. You have options for both swing and court mounting.

Can I wear my relative's medals?

Certainly. When commemorating a family member's service by wearing their medals at important events, such as Anzac Day, wear them on your right chest. Wearing medals on your right chest shows that the medals were awarded to someone else. You should never wear someone else's medals on the left chest.

How do I know what medals my relative was entitled to?

You can submit an application with the Honours and Awards division of the Department of Defence. This can be done digitally. Additionally, with their service number or full names, the National Archives of Australia's website allows you to delve into your relative's service history.

I don't know what happened to my medals, can I get replacements?

The Department of Defence usually provides one replacement for original medals. However, we can supply replica medals to replace those you've lost or were stolen. Our experts can also assist you with other medal-related queries, both online and in-person at our Canberra store.

What are replica medals made of?

Mostly, they are crafted from zinc alloy. After casting, they undergo an electroplating process. For instance, silver-looking ones are nickel-plated while bronze ones get brass plating followed by an acid treatment for an antiqued appearance. Gold ones are plated with actual gold.

What are original medals made of?

Original medals vary in materials, often made from substances like bronze, yellow bronze, nickel-silver, or even pure silver.

Can you engrave replica Medals?

While it's possible to engrave replica medals, it's not suggested due to potential damage like chipping. For personal details on the medals, consider obtaining a plate from a trophy store to affix to the brooch bar.

Who can purchase Replica Medals?

Generally, everyone can order them. They were introduced to preserve original medals and mitigate family disputes over the original set. But do remember, fraudulently wearing medals is a legal offence. If you're commemorating a relative's service, wear them on your right chest.

Do you buy/know the value of Original Medals?

Unfortunately, we neither purchase nor assign value to original medals. It might be wise to retain original medals since future family members may express interest.

Can you split the original medals between family members?

It's feasible, but not advised. Splitting complicates tracking the full history for future generations. To share the pride without splitting, you might contemplate purchasing replica sets, ensuring the original history remains intact.

Are the replica medals wearable or just for display?

Yes, our replica medals are wearable and are often used in ceremonies, parades, and commemorative events. They can also be displayed as cherished keepsakes.

What's the difference between swing mounting and court mounting?

Swing mounting allows the medals to swing freely on the bar, while court mounting attaches the medals permanently to a backing, preventing them from swinging.

Are group/bulk orders available for associations or events?

Yes, we cater to group or bulk orders. Please contact our customer service for special pricing and arrangements.

How accurate are the replicas compared to the original medals?

Our replica medals are designed with great attention to detail to ensure they closely resemble the original medals. While they aren't originals, they are a high-quality representation.

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